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Shipping Tips for Canadian Online Cross Border Shoppers

Shipping costs and logistics are some of the biggest issues for Canadians who do their cross border shopping online with U.S. retailers.

To help you minimize your shipping costs and maximize conveniencewe have created a shipping guide EXCLUSIVELY for Canadian online cross border shoppers with the following shipping tips, tools and information:

Get a U.S. Shipping Address: Find U.S. Border Shipping Addresses within driving distance of your location.

Shipping to the U.S. Border: Learn how to have your items shipped to the U.S. border for pickup.

Re-Shipping to Canada from the U.S. Border: Save time and money by having your online purchases shipped to the U.S. border and re-shipped right to your front door in Canada.

Shipping Directly to Canada: Learn the pros and cons of having your items shipped directly t Canada from a U.S. retailer.

Canadian Customs Brokers: Understand the benefits of using a customes broker to bring your U.S. goods into Canada and when you should consider engaging one.

Add a U.S. Shipping Address to your Credit Card: Learn how to add a U.S. address to your Canadian credit card so you can order from U.S. retailers who don;t ship to Canada.